Upcycled Christmas

December 28, 2016

Upcycled Christmas

This year we decided to bring some upcycling home for the holidays and try our hardest to make some of our gifts out of materials purchased second hand and remade into new and exciting things.  A lot of our product line has been developed as a result of something we were looking to purchase, but couldn't find, or a gift that we made for someone. Here are some pics of items we made along with descriptions about them. We are most proud of the filing cabinet turned into a toy hutch storage bench. 

Our three main projects were a toy bench/storage, wall tent for a toddler bed, and a balance beam. We added in a bonus trout blanket from an upcycled fleece bath robe for the little guy.

Filing Cabinet Toy Bench

We purchased a vintage wooden filing cabinet with a bit of wear on it from Home Resource in Missoula, MT.  It had some good bones and needed some refinishing and additional bits to make it into what we had in mind. I think the cabinet was once part of a long line of them and were bolted to each other and then at some point were taken apart and non fancy wood paneling was added to the sides. The total cost for this project was around $100, and a bit of time since we ended up redoing a few unexpected things.  The pictures below illustrate the different parts of the project.

We took all of the insides out of the cabinet, removed hardware, and then refinished the drawer faces. We attached hinges, magnetic closure, old hardware, and industrial wheels. The reversible cushion on top is upholstery fabric we had over some bed foam and a yoga mat for stability. 


We added magnetic closures to keep doors tightly closed and found some perfect sized bins for all of our little ones toys.

The industrial styled wheels were added to make the heavy cabinet moveable to clean, but not to surf on around the house.

The top oak faced plywood is not permanently attached and rests on the cross bars from the original cabinet that we covered in leather (upcycled leather jacket) for a classy look and to add a 1/8" to the them to allow the wood inset to lay level. 


Wall tent for a toddler bed

Our smallest guy was due to get a bed upgrade and we decided to modify his already hand-me-down repainted bed a little bit of a facelift. Johnny now is glamping in his own wall tent made from two upcycled coffee dyed bed sheets, 2-1x4's, lodge pole pine pieces, and a handful of screws.  The tent was built on the frame and constructed in the studio behind closed doors since Santa officially brought it. We added in the sheep skin rug we had for sometime. 

The sides both roll up and the front pulls to the side. Perhaps one day he will want it all down and be fully enclosed, but not anytime soon.

Balance Beam

We purchased a scrap piece of 4x6 beam at Home Resouce , used some brass "L" brackets, 2x4 scraps, and a strip of indoor/outdoor carpet. We did discover the beam was a little warped, but used a small shim to level it off. The gymnastic mat was purchased prior at Ikea. This was another gift from Santa and he brought our sweet daughter gymnastic shoes, bag, shorts, and a book to complete the gift. 

Trout Blanket

I had made a mermaid blanket for my daughter a year ago or so from a pink bathrobe and decided to make a similar one for our little guy. I downloaded a trout picture and designed a tail with the top fins open for him to put his hands in. So far he hasn't liked it... but hoping he will put his little hands in the fins and flap while laying down.

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All of the items in the REcreate designs collection are one-of-a-kind and made from reclaimed materials, and as a result there is a small amount of variation within sizes.

Adult Collection


The figure-flattering a-line skirt can be worn low on the hips or at the natural waist. The drawstring allows for an adjustable fit. If things get a little snug in the bum area, fold the waistband over.

Tee Skirt Adult
size range
Xsmall 2 30" 19"-19"
Small 4-6 32" 19"-20"
Medium 8-10 34" 20"-21"
Large 12-14 38" 21"-22"
X-Large 16 41" 22"-23"



A great hoody on its own or layered up. The Ella Roo has princess seams that add an extra level of flattery for the female figure. If you plan on layering over multiple shirts, choose a larger size. 

Ella & Ella Roo Hoody
size range
bottom band
Xsmall 2 34" 34" 25"
Small 4-6 36" 36" 26"
Medium 8-10 38" 40" 27"
Large 12-14 42" 43" 27.5"
X-Large 16 45" 46" 28"



An opened back favorite that will keep you cool in warm weather. Shoulder straps are wide enough to cover bra straps.

Janet Tank
size range
bottom band
Xsmall 2 34" 33" 23"
Small 4-6 35" 36" 24"
Medium 8-10 37" 38" 24.5"
Large 12-14 38" 39" 25.5"



A 3/4 Sleeve with button down collar than can be worn several ways.

Velma Short Sleeve Shirt
Size Range
bottom band
Xsmall 2 34" 34" 25"
Small 4-6 36" 37" 26"
Medium 8-10 38" 40" 27"
Large 12-14 42" 43" 28.5"
X-Large 16 46" 48" 30"



Your go-to dress in your closet. Slip it on and head out the door looking fabulous

Bestie Dress
Size Range
Xsmall 2 34" 34" 37"
Small 4-6 36" 36" 38"
Medium 8-10 38" 37" 40"
Large 12-14 42" 38" 42"


Cute, practical, and a great fit no matter what size calf you have. Great over shoes, booths, pants, or leggings. Tweeders vary slightly and will stretch a little bit.

Circumference Top 
Circumference Bottom
13" 14.5"
Medium 14.5"-16" 13" 14"
Large 16.5"-18" 13" 15"
Xlarge 17.5"-18.5" 15" 16"


The Weecycle Kiddo line from REcreate designs is designed with a growing child in mind. The styles and color combinations are bright and whimsical.  The features and designs of the clothing and accessories allow them to be worn for a longer length of time, keeping kiddos in them longer and looking cuter than ever before.


The jumper is cut a little wider to keep it in the closet longer. It can start out as a long dress and then worn as a shirt as the child grows and is easily reversed.

reversible jumper
size range
small 6mo-2T 20" 15"
medium 12mo-3T 21" 16"
large 2T-4T 23" 17"

Short sleeve snap down dress

The raglan cut dress can be worn as a dress or shirt, layered or on its own.

Snap Down Dress
12 mo 21" 16.5"
2T 22.5" 18"
4T 25" 22"
6 28" 25"


Elf & Ranger Jackets

The reversible kimono style jacket can be worn for several seasons. The elastic bound sleeve cuffs keep them in place either folded or left long. The Ranger Woolen Jacket has additional leather elbow patches, but is not reversible.

arm length
12 mo 23" 14.5" 15.5"
2T 26" 16" 17.5"
4T 30" 19" 19"


Elf hoody

The pull-over elf hoody has adjustable cuffs on the sleeves and can be worn long or at the waist.

Elf Hoody
12 mo 21" 12"
2T 22.5" 14"
4T 25" 18"
6 28" 20"


Tee skirt

The ever popular kiddo tee skirt can be worn on their own or layered with tights, leg warmers, or leggings. Use the drawstring to adjust the waistband and fold it over if a little snug.

tee skirt kiddo
size range
Xsmall 6mo-2T 20" 15"
Small 2T-4T 18"-21" 11"
Medium 4T-6 21"-22" 12"
Large 8-10 23"-24" 13"
Xlarge 12 15" 15"

Fancy pants

The versatile fancy pants are designed with a moving child in mind. The butt gusset helps with large loads. Keep the pants cuffed or unfold as the child grows and to keep the legs covered in cooler weather.

Fancy Pants
3mo 15" 13"
6mo 17" 15.5"
12mo 18.5" 18"
2T 19.5 20"


Fancy shants

The new Fancy Shants are designed  to keep your kiddo's knees protected in the warmth of summer. The butt gusset helps with large loads. 

Fancy Shants
3mo 15" 8""
6mo 17" 10"
12mo 18.5" 11"
2T 19.5" 12"


Max & Lilly Rompers

Easy snap closure and plenty of room for all types of diapers. 

Max & Lilly Rompers
torso length
0-3 mo 17" 20" 17"
3-6mo 19" 22" 18"
6-9mo 20" 23.5" 19"
9-12 mo 20.5" 24" 20"


Max & Lilly Tees

Lapped shoulders for easy wearing and removal. Cut a little longer to extend wear. 

Max & Lilly Tees
0-3 mo 17" 11"
3-6mo 17.5" 12.5"
6-9mo 18" 13.5"
9-12 mo 19" 14.5"


Single knotty hats

Adjust the volume of the hat by making the knots lower or higher. The stretchy jersey helps to keep a snug fit regardless of head size

knotty hats
 head size
0-6 mo 14"-17"
6-12 mo 16"-19"